Readers ask: How Much Does A Typical B2b Saas Company Spend On Digital Marketing?


How much do B2B SaaS companies spend on marketing?

According to OpenView’s 2017 Benchmarks report, on average, companies spend 30-35% of their ARR on sales and marketing before they reach $2 million in revenue. The number peaks at 45% around this benchmark. However, it then drops to 40% where it stays for the life of the company.

How much should a B2B company spend on marketing?

For B2B product companies, marketing spend is 8.6% of total revenue. For B2B service firms, marketing is 8.7% of revenue.

How much should a SaaS company spend on sales?

According to Tomasz Tunguz, a partner at Redpoint Ventures, during their first three years, SaaS companies often spend anywhere from 80 to 120 percent of their revenue on sales and marketing. It then plateaus around 50 percent from year five on.

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How much should you spend on digital marketing?

The U.S. Small Business Administrations suggests you allocate 7-8% of your gross revenue to your marketing budget. Digital marketing budgets average 45-50% of the overall marketing budget. Video marketing leads the charge in digital marketing. Video marketing usage is expected to double what it was from 2016 to 2021.

How much do SaaS companies spend on marketing?

In the first 3 years, research found that public SaaS companies spend between 80 to 120% of their revenue on sales and marketing (using venture dollars or other forms of capital to finance the business). By year 5, that ratio has fallen to about 50% where it remains for the life of the business.

How much do startups normally spend on marketing?

Well, according to a recent survey, the average marketing budget for startups is 11.2% of overall revenue, in order to have enough to build brand awareness and start attracting leads.

How big is the B2B market?

The global B2B eCommerce market valuing US$12.2 trillion in 2019 is over 6 times that of the B2C market. This report gives an overview of the market and main B2B countries, its trends, and the competitive landscape.

What percentage of revenue do companies spend on marketing?

Total marketing budgets are between 5 to 12% of total revenue. B2Cs generally spend more on marketing compared to B2Bs. Smaller companies spend more on marketing as a percentage of their total revenue.

What is the average marketing budget?

On average, marketing budgets make up around 10-14% of total company budgets. Of course, this varies by industry and how long the company has been in business. Small businesses generally allocate closer to 7-12% of their total revenue to marketing.

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How much should a SaaS startup spend on marketing?

For Startups: Matching the Annual Contract Value The most successful SaaS companies spend more than half of their ARR (annually recurring revenue) on sales and marketing, and 80-120 percent of their annual revenue during their first three years of business, according to Tomasz Tunguz, a Venture Capitalist at Redpoint.

What percentage should marketing be?

As a general rule of thumb, companies should spend around 5 percent of their total revenue on marketing to maintain their current position. Companies looking to grow or gain greater market share should budget a higher percentage —usually around 10 percent.

What percentage of revenue should be spent on?

As noted by experts, “If you spend between 15 and 30 percent of your gross revenue on payroll, your business is likely in solid standing.”

How do you budget for digital marketing?

How to create an effective digital marketing budget for 2020

  1. Identify your marketing objectives.
  2. Audit your past results.
  3. Evaluating your options.
  4. Allocating your budget.
  5. Don’t forget about marketing software.
  6. Save some for trying out new strategies.
  7. Conclusion: preparing for a high-performing 2020.

What industries spend the most on digital marketing?

A recent study from eMarketer looked at how much each industry spent on digital marketing in 2018. Their report found that the Retail industry spends by far the most on digital services. Retailers spent $23.5 billion on digital ads in 2018, which represents almost 22% of the total digital ad spend.

How do you allocate a budget for digital marketing?


  1. 6 Easy Steps to Allocate A Digital Marketing Budget for Your Business.
  2. Step 1: List Your Goals.
  3. Step 2: Drill Down to the Details.
  4. Step 3: Select the Best Channels.
  5. Step 4: Determine Cost of Marketing Activities.
  6. Step 5: Estimate Your Budget.
  7. Step 6: Measure Results.

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