Quick Answer: What Type Of Company Is Advantage Sales And Marketing?


What type of company is Advantage solutions?

Advantage Solutions is a California -based sales and marketing agency that provides headquarter sales and retail merchandising for manufacturers and retailers. Advantage was founded in 1987.

Is Advantage Solutions a legit company?

None. You will be working from about 10-9 P.M. everyday except Wednesday and experience a culture of dishonesty. When you get hired they make you sign an agreement basically saying you waive your right to sue them, which is a red flag.

Who owns Advantage solutions?

Advantage Solutions in Irvine provides sales, marketing, merchandising, and digital technology services for packaged goods makers and retailers; it’s majority- owned by Leonard Green & Partners LP in Los Angeles and CVC Capital Partners in Luxembourg. It has 120 offices in North America and 45,000 employees.

How many employees work at Advantage solutions?

How many Employees does Advantage Solutions have? Advantage Solutions has 48,000 employees.

Is Advantage solutions going out of business?

Announce Closing of Business Combination. (“ Advantage ” or the “ Company ”), a leading provider of sales and marketing services to consumer goods brands and retailers, today announced the completion of their previously announced business combination.

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What does Advantage sales and marketing do?

Advantage Sales & Marketing LLC (ASM) provides marketing services. The Company offers shopper marketing, retail merchandising, category management, headquarter interface, business process outsourcing, and product launches. ASM conducts its business throughout the United States.

What type of drug test does Advantage solutions do?

7 answers. No, Advantage Solutions uses urine tests.

What advantage solutions sell?

Advantage’s data and technology-enabled omnichannel solutions — including sales, retail merchandising, business intelligence, digital commerce and a full suite of marketing services — help brands and retailers across a broad range of channels drive consumer demand, increase sales and achieve operating efficiencies.

Is Advantage Solutions a publicly traded company?

(“Conyers Park”) (NASDAQ: CPAA), a publicly traded special purpose acquisition company founded by consumer goods and finance industry executives with a history of value creation, and Advantage Solutions Inc. We are excited to embark on this next chapter as a public company.”

Is Advantage solutions publicly traded?

The company is based in Irvine, California and operates worldwide. Advantage went public last autumn through a SPAC merger deal with Conyers Park II Acquisition, closing the combination on October 28. On that day, ADV shares closed at $8.86 on the NASDAQ index.

When did Advantage solutions go public?

“April 20, 2020 was our first trading day on the Main Market and also when we entered a new chapter in our history.

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