Question: Which Eamil Marketing Company To Use With Shopify?


What is the best email service to use with Shopify?

Best Email Marketing for Shopify: Which are the Top Tools?

  1. Omnisend. With its strong focus on ecommerce, multi-channel provider Omnisend fairly and squarely lands the number one spot on our list.
  2. GetResponse.
  3. ActiveCampaign.
  4. Klaviyo.
  5. Drip.
  6. MailerLite.
  7. Sendinblue.
  8. SmartrMail.

Is Mailchimp compatible with Shopify?

The Mailchimp for Shopify integration is still available to you if you are already using it, but is no longer available for new downloads. We strongly recommend installing a third-party integration, like ShopSync or another provider, before you disconnect the Mailchimp for Shopify integration.

What can I use instead of Mailchimp for Shopify?

5 Best MailChimp alternatives for Shopify.

  • GetResponse.
  • Klaviyo.
  • Drip.
  • Omnisend.
  • MailerLite.

How do I email marketing with Shopify?


  1. In Shopify, go to Marketing.
  2. Click Create campaign.
  3. Click Shopify Email.
  4. Choose an email template.
  5. Click the To field to select from a list of your customer groups.
  6. Enter a subject for the email.
  7. Optional: Enter preview text to customize the text that appears after the subject in customer email inboxes.
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What is the best free email marketing app for Shopify?

15 Best Email Marketing App for Shopify

  • Privy. With a 4.6 overall rating by 24.382 reviewers on Shopify, Privy offers an easy usage of email marketing specifically built for ecommerce.
  • Omnisend. Omnisend has 4.8 rating by 3497 reviewers on Shopify.
  • MailChimp.
  • Campaign Monitor.
  • Klaviyo.
  • Jilt.
  • Seguno.
  • Spently.

How do I send a mass email to Shopify subscribers?

At the moment, while you can’t bulk email customers through your Shopify admin, the best way to do this would be with an app such as Mailchimp like you suggest. These apps usually work by syncing with the data from the customer section of your admin.

Why did Shopify remove Mailchimp?

The reason for this, Shopify itself says, is that it “ had growing concerns about Mailchimp’s app because of the poor merchant experience and their refusal to respect our Partner Program Agreement.” “Yesterday, we asked Shopify to remove the Mailchimp for Shopify integration from their marketplace,” the company wrote.

Is Omnisend better than Mailchimp?

Omnisend offers more ecommerce friendly features in email campaign building. Omnisend offers gamified forms for email capture, slightly nudging Mailchimp out for best pick. Segmentation is completely equal between Mailchimp and Omnisend. Omnisend’s automation is far more sophisticated and easier to use than Mailchimp’s.

Why does Mailchimp leave Shopify?

According to Shopify, the split is due to MailChimp’s refusal to respect their Partner Program Agreement which requires app partners to share all important data back to the merchant using Shopify’s API to help them run their business. That’s why MailChimp has been removed from the Shopify App Store.”

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Is there anything better than MailChimp?

If you’re looking for a Mailchimp alternative that has a forever-free plan, then you should look at SendinBlue. If you’re looking for a Mailchimp alternative for bloggers with better automation workflows, then we recommend using ConvertKit or SendinBlue.

Does Shopify have email marketing?

With Shopify Email, you can create, run and track email marketing campaigns natively inside Shopify Marketing. Using highly customizable email templates, existing brand assets, and product content from your store, creating your next marketing campaign is extremely easy.

Does Shopify email free?

If you buy a domain through Shopify, or transfer your domain to Shopify, then you can set up an unlimited number of forwarding email addresses for free.

What do you call email marketing?

Email marketing is one segment of internet marketing, which encompasses online marketing via websites, social media, blogs, and more. Email marketing can include newsletters with updates on the company, or promotions of sales and exclusive deals for subscribers.

How do you email marketing?

Create an Email Marketing Strategy

  1. Define Your Audience. An effective email is a relevant email.
  2. Establish Your Goals. Before you come up with your campaign goals, gather some context.
  3. Create a Way for People to Sign Up. You need people to email, right?
  4. Choose an Email Campaign Type.
  5. Make a Schedule.
  6. Measure Your Results.

How do you send marketing emails?

Small Business Guide to Sending Marketing Emails

  1. Get permission.
  2. Understand your audience.
  3. Be genuine and authentic.
  4. Provide valuable content.
  5. Monitor your success.

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