FAQ: What Are The Key Service Characteristics A Company Must Consider When Designing Marketing Programs?


What are the key service characteristics a company must consider when designing marketing programs briefly describe each characteristic?

When designing marketing programs, a company must consider the characteristics of services. Four characteristics of service are;

  • intangibility,
  • inseparability,
  • variability and.
  • perishability.

What are the key service characteristics a company must consider when designing marketing programs briefly describe each characteristic quizlet?

Four distinctive service characteristics greatly affect the design of marketing programs: intangibility, inseparability, variability, and perishability. Service marketers must be able to transform intangible services into concrete benefits and a well-defined experience.

What are the 4 Characteristics of service marketing?

There are four characteristics of service: Intangibility, Inseparability, Variability, and Perishability (Kotler and Keller, 2007).

What are the characteristics of services in marketing?

The most important characteristics of services are:

  • Lack of ownership.
  • Intangibility.
  • Inseparability.
  • Variability.
  • Perishability.
  • User participation.
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What are the four unique characteristics of services?

Selling a service is very different from selling a product. A service is a form of a relationship, and providing value in a service is a more abstract concept. When marketing services, a service provider must consider four unique characteristics: intangibility, inseparability, variability, and perishability.

How do we classify services?

A more general classification of services based on the type of function that is provided through them can be as follows:

  • Business services.
  • Communication services.
  • Construction and related engineering services.
  • Distribution services.
  • Educational services.
  • Environmental services.
  • Financial services.

What are the types of services?

There are three main types of services, based on their sector: business services, social services and personal services. Social Services

  • fire service.
  • police.
  • education.
  • social work.
  • food subsidies.
  • foster care.
  • animal welfare.

What is a service and its characteristics?

The defining characteristics of a service are: Intangibility: Services are intangible and do not have a physical existence. Hence services cannot be touched, held, tasted or smelt. Once rendered to a customer the service is completely consumed and cannot be delivered to another customer.

What are the unique characteristics of services?

Services are unique and four characteristics separate them from goods, namely intangibility, variability, inseparability, and perishability. Features of Services – 4 Main Characteristics: Intangibility, Inseparability, Variability and Perishability

  • Intangibility:
  • Inseparability:
  • Variability:
  • Perishability:

What are the five characteristics of service marketing?

Top 5 Characteristics of Service Marketing – Intangibility, Inseparability, Variability, Perishability and Simultaneity

  • Intangibility – Services are intangible.
  • Inseparability – Another characteristic of service is the inseparability of the client and provider of service.
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What are 7 P’s of service marketing?

The 7 P’s of marketing include product, price, promotion, place, people, process, and physical evidence.

What is difference between product and service?

A product is a tangible item that is put on the market for acquisition, attention, or consumption, while a service is an intangible item, which arises from the output of one or more individuals.

What are the 4 major differences between goods and services?

Key Differences Between Goods and Services Goods are the material items that the customers are ready to purchase for a price. Services are the amenities, benefits or facilities provided by the other persons. Goods are tangible items i.e. they can be seen or touched whereas services are intangible items.

What are the three types of service marketing?

There are 3 types of marketing which happen within the service marketing triangle

  • Internal marketing – Marketing from the company to the employees.
  • External marketing – Marketing from the company to the customers.
  • Interactive marketing – Marketing between the customers and the employees.

What are the types of services in marketing?

Services marketing

  • Distribution.
  • Pricing.
  • Retail.
  • Service.
  • Activation.
  • Brand licensing.
  • Brand management.
  • Co-creation.

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