FAQ: How To Enhance Marketing By Issuing Company Postcards?


What makes a good marketing postcard?

The central focus of a promotional postcard needs to be on the action that a company wants potential customers to take upon receipt of the postcard. Make it a clear and concise action that motivates readers to follow through on that action as quickly as possible.

How do you use a postcard for marketing?

11 Powerful Postcard Marketing Tips

  1. Clear Bold Headline.
  2. Use a Call-to-Action that converts.
  3. Clear relevant imagery.
  4. The Offer.
  5. Contact Information.
  6. Sell the benefits (not the features)
  7. Stick to one message.
  8. Track the performance.

Are postcards effective marketing?

Postcards are one of the most effective marketing tools you can use to generate website traffic or sales leads. Postcards are not new – and they may not be very exciting.

What should a business postcard say?

Your business card should include the following:

  1. Logo.
  2. Company name.
  3. Tagline.
  4. Your name.
  5. Job title.
  6. Website.
  7. Contact details.

What should you not put on a postcard?

Be sure to avoid these four common mistakes when using postcards in your direct mail campaigns:

  1. Mistake #1: Neglecting to test your campaign.
  2. Mistake #2: Using long, complex messages.
  3. Mistake #3: Not including a motivating offer.
  4. Mistake #4: Forgetting to include your social handles.
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What is the best size for a postcard?

Your postcard can’t be bigger than 6 inches by 11.5 inches by. 25 inches thick. If it is, it will need even more postage! Taking the USPS Rules into Consideration

  • A rectangle.
  • At least 3.5 inches high by 5 inches long by. 007 inches thick.
  • No more than 4.25 inches high by 6 inches long by. 016 inches thick.

How many postcards should I mail?

It is recommended you mail to them every month or two, no less than once per quarter. If you wait too long between touches, they may forget you when they or their friends need your services.

What to say on postcards?

11 Things to Write About in Your Postcard

  • Share what you did that day.
  • Share a local idiom or saying with a translation.
  • Share a new tradition that you’ve learned.
  • Write down a recipe and share in your card.
  • Mention the weather.
  • Draw a doodle of your travel.
  • Write down something you’ve learned.

How much does postcard marketing cost?

On average, you can probably expect to spend between $150-$250 for a standard postcard or letter from a mid-range designer. More experienced designers may charge as much as $1,000, and less experienced designers may charge less.

Can you make money making postcards?

Businesses also use postcards as a method to promote their services and products. These two market segments present an opportunity for an entrepreneur to create a postcard product and make money with postcards. The overhead costs are low, and a little marketing creativity ensures that there is potential to grow.

What is the purpose of postcards?

Postcards are as versatile as your imagination. They can be used to introduce new products and services, announce a sale or special offer, invite people to a tradeshow, seminar or event, drive traffic to a website, serve as a coupon…just about any marketing idea you have can be conveyed through a postcard.

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What is the return on postcard marketing?

The average rate of return on direct mail campaigns is generally 1/2 to 2 percent, according to JWM Business Services; in a campaign involving 100 pieces of mail, two to four people can be expected to respond and half that number to make a purchase.

Is it illegal to make business cards?

Yes you can give your business card not just in state all-over the Word to anyone.

What to put on a business card if you are a student?

Contact information should be the main focus on college students ‘ business cards and should include: name, phone number and e-mail address. “ If you want, you can include ‘NYU class of 2011’, or you can include what field you ‘re in, such as ‘marketing professional’,” says Pollak.

Are postcard mailers successful?

It’s an effective, affordable and enjoyable avenue to increase traffic and sales. Postcards serve as great reminders for promotions/sales. Postcards help spread the word and increase awareness. You can target specific customers without wasting money on mass mailings.

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