Case Study: NuCORE Technology’s Clean Capture

Unknown Start-up’s Survival Depends on Success in Japan Market

Silicon Valley start up NuCORE Technology (NuCORE) launched its first generation digital imaging chip set solution for digital cameras. Because Japan is the epicenter of the digital imaging, over 85% of all cameras produced worldwide are designed in Japan, the survival of NuCORE depended on whether or not it could succeed in the Japanese market. However, conservative Japanese camera makers remained skeptical about NuCORE’s technology and were hesitant to invest in a small-unknown Silicon Valley start up, so adoption of the first-generation chip set was anemic with only two design wins secured. Furthermore in Japan, digital camera chip image processor start-up NuCORE was virtually an unknown-with little past marketing history activity and no other marketing initiatives were in place; brand awareness would rely solely on public relations.

Key Building Blocks for Successful Campaign

Utilizing market research, J-Spin strategy concentrated on seeding messages about the importance of the image processor in digital cameras, to position and build awareness of Clean Capture. Key messages focused on how Clean Capture solves consumers three main digital camera needs; better picture quality, faster shutter speed between pictures, and faster boot up speed. J-Spin began educating media and seeding messages building a pre-launch buzz through a series of aggressive pre-launch press tours. Over 50 interviews were held with key influential media. Executed the two major press conferences to launch the first and second generations of the Clean Capture chipset.

Clean Capture Adoption & Over 48 Million Media Impressions

J-Spin met the challenge of getting consumers and camera makers to pay attention to the overlooked key element that affects both picture quality and performance in digital cameras—the image processor (Clean Capture). As a result J-Spin executed a successful media campaign that raised awareness and positioning of Clean Capture by elevating market interest of image processors in digital cameras, fuelling further adoption of Clean Capture in digital still & video cameras. Campaign Media Impressions l Print: 18,119,050 l TV: 19,066,200 l Online: 10,851,000 l Total Media Impressions: 48,036,250

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