Video Marketing: BZ-Cast

J-Spin has developed BZ-cast, a B to B video platform to upload, store, manage, distribute, track and analyze your video communications. Our focus is to provide a enterprise class video platform for companies who need a secure platform to manage their video communications. We are not YouTube. Video is replacing traditional forms of marketing communication such as dull emails, expensive paper mail shots and paper based customer reference stories.

Product demonstrations and testimonials can be brought alive by video, video internal communications can make greater connection. BZ-cast is an enterprise class video platform giving you the capability to create, manage, distribute, track and analyze your video communications without compromising the security, control or loading on your network. High quality video based communication can be delivered securely to the media, customers, employees and partners with impact carefully tracked and analyzed.

BZ-cast is a monthly subscription based service with lowest pricing in Japan. Japan’s broadband speed is the fastest in the world  and ubiquitous allowing the streaming of video to a multiplicity of devices.

Please take a look:

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