We provide a full range of strategic communications services. Let us know your needs and we can put together a customized package of services to help you implement your international marketing campaign in Japan.

We generate a buzz in the traditional media marketplace as well as via social networking venues establishing greater awareness and revealing compelling stories.

We‘re expert at leveraging new social media tools to not only get your company great coverage across blogs, social networks and video share sites, but also to catalyze your company’s press coverage in traditional print and online media. While the tools and media opportunities have changed, the fundamental best practices and the strategic thinking that go into creating a successful PR program remain the same:

You need a PR partner that can help you identify a story, package your story, and take a story that has local value to the Japan market.

Product Launches

In the crowded IT market, getting customers to pay attention to a new product or service is challenging. You can’t afford to make mistakes. We can help separate you from the market noise and get noticed by the right customers. We use the right marketing mix that reach  key influencers who guide your customers’ purchasing decisions.

Company Launches

You only get one chance to make a good first impression, which is especially important in Japan. The first launch is one of the most important events that shape a company’s impression when entering the Japan market and also sets the tone for upcoming  events. Compromising  this investment can result in a negative company image that may have greater long term costs. We can help you figure out what to say about your company, your market and your technology, when to say it and to whom.

Media Relations

Serious companies invest time in building relationships with a core group of Japanese journalists and key influencers. J-Spin consultants  have worked with hundreds of reporters and editors over the last 20 years. Whether it is one-on one media interviews, a technology press roundtable, or a full-scale press conference we will secure the right media to communicate your message.

Product Reviews

After word of mouth, the most powerful sales tool is a great review of your product in a leading industry publication. A product review is the best way to secure third party validation for your product.  J-Spin has achieved major success securing and developing product reviews with Japanese media.

Analyst Relations

Japanese customers often turn to industry experts to help them pick winners and losers among vendors. Convince market research analysts of your merits, and they repeat that story to their clients — your customers. J-Spin can help you tell your story to the analysts who influence your customers’ purchasing decisions.

Japanese Media and Spokesperson Training

Working with a spokesperson who must give interviews in a language that is not their native language presents a whole new set of challenges.  Even the most fluent may have difficulties in a media interaction, not only with words, but cultural differences, which may include cultural differences in media style.  The “rules of engagement” vary from country to country.  A spokesperson who is a master in dealing with the US media may be unprepared for the more formal  protocol style of Japan. Our media and speaker training will deliver localized training that :
– Increase overall media skills of Japan spokespersons
– Increase effectiveness of delivering key messages
– Understanding the Japanese media and audiences

Trade Show Press Support

Trade Shows in Japan–Is your company participating in a trade show in Japan? J-Spin can secure interviews with the Japanese media and provide onsite media support at your booth. Trade Shows in US–J-Spin will bring the Japanese press to your booth. No need to travel to Japan to increase your awareness in the Japan market. Our bilingual consultants will secure interviews with the Japanese media and provide onsite support to facilitate the interviews at your booth.

Blogger Relations

Customers, partners, investors and market influencers go online for information more than ever. Bloggers matter. Comments and talkbacks can drive huge traffic to your web site. How do you influence this fluid community? We can identify key blogs and blogospheres to target  and implement a blogging campaign around.

Social Media

Beyond traditional media and analyst reports more and more online “word of mouth” is shaping  conversations that can be critical to your business success, or failure. Your audiences are online, talking to their peers. You need to engage with them. We’ll identify and foster content creation for the media channels that will most effectively reach your audience, and we’ll show you how to measure the bottom line results.

Video Marketing

J-Spin has developed BZ-cast, a B to B video platform to upload, store, manage, distribute, track and analyze your video communications. Our focus is to provide a enterprise class video platform for companies who need a secure platform to manage their video communications. We are not YouTube. Video is replacing traditional forms of marketing communication such as dull emails, expensive paper mail shots and paper based customer reference stories. More about BZ-cast…

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