Case Study: Bridgestone’s ECOPIA

One shot to Communicate New Eco-Product Position to Technical and Enduser Audiences

In Tokyo, on January 13, 2010, Bridgestone President Shoshi Arakawa unveiled ECOPIA EX10 tires, the latest products of its fuel-efficient ECOPIA tire brand.

The launch of the new ECOPIA EXD 10 tires was a key part of  Bridgestone’s overall business initiatives to develop and promote eco-friendly products.

They needed to put together a successful event that would promote the ECOPIA brand by launching the standard product of ECOPIA brand.

Taking ECOPIA Direct to Influencers with a Touch and Try Test

J-Spin created an ECOPIA Test Drive event for the media, industry analyst and key influencers to have a real firsthand experience to touch and try the industry-leading advances of ECOPIA tires in reducing rolling resistance while maintaining reliable grip. In order to further deepen the perception of Bridgestone as a company committed to eco-friendly products, we used the hybrid cars Prius and Insight for the test drives.

The media event was planned to meet a two main objectives; to position Bridgestone as an authority leader in eco-friendly products and to promote the ECOPIA brand. Unlike most Bridgestone product press events where first a press conference is held in Tokyo then a week later the media are invited to testing trial event outside the city, we held the ECOPIA test trial on the same day as the press conference.

ECOPIA Message Captured Among All Key Influencers

Our consultants contacted all key automotive industry media, auto industry analysts and opinion influencers. A total of 98 media and analysts attended the event and completed a test drive run. This resulted in a wide array of coverage from over 30 auto magazines, over 15 trade newspapers, 3 TV programs covered the event and countless online media published online articles and photos.

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