Our Experience

One Size Does Not Fit All

Planning, strategic management, and implementation of communications activities between a business and the local Japanese audiences can be quite intimidating for many companies, because, although PR is PR, the challenges of launching a successful campaign are magnified on the international scene. From cultural and language differences, protocol issues, to scattered time zones and logistical obstacles, which are only some issues that need consideration when conducting PR and marketing communications in foreign markets.   J-Spin recognizes that every country incorporates unique characteristics that must be accounted for in it’s communications campaign.   We have an intimate understanding of the Japanese market, and take a “Think Global Act Local” approach , sculpting messages that will appeal to the local market. J-Spin consultants have directed PR campaigns for high-profile companies, start-ups and international companies seeking to break into the Japan market.

Cross Cultural

J-Spin experienced bilingual consultants have the bicultural insight required to guide foreign clients towards their goals in the challenging Japanese market.

Personalized Service

J-Spin offers its clients exclusive, highly personalized service on a level that often cannot be found with larger agencies. We devote our undivided attention to our clients and their communications needs. Our team draws on years of experience in Japan to provide clients with the special communications support they require for success in the Japanese market.

Strong Media Connections

The practice of journalism overseas is not quite the same as the practice of journalism here in Japan. In Japan the relationship you have with the media is a critical variable in determining if your story gets attention or not. J-Spin has a solid understanding of the complex Japanese media, and enjoys strong working relationships with respected journalists often affiliated with the “kisha club” or press club system. Press clubs act as organized sources of information for reporters from major news organizations, and are given exclusive access to political, economic, industrial, sports and entertainment spokespersons, internal documents and press releases. The relationship between J-Spin consultants and the press has been built up over more than a decade. Contacts with the national media centered in Tokyo are maintained continuously.

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